Transcript of Just Jazz Guitar's Review of Greg Clayton Live at Boomers

From issue # 13, November 1997

It is always a surprise how many great unknown guitar players are hidden away in the provinces, content to eke out a living between teaching, performing and whatever else happens to come along. Such players are often vastly experienced, with a maturity which can only come from years and years of hard work and tenacious determination.

One such player is Canadian Greg Clayton, whose debut as a leader was long overdue. Well, finally, talent will out, and his new CD, GREG CLAYTON LIVE AT BOOMERS, should [availability permitting] earn him some well deserved recognition.

Paired with arguably one of Canada's first rhythm sections, Dave Young [bass] and Jerry Fuller [drums] Clayton works his way through seven classic standards and an original tune called Misdemeanor, an intriguing minor blues with an intriguing AABA format.

The standards set includes You Don't Know What Love Is, You've Changed, My Shining Hour and Ghost Of A Chance.

Clayton has obviously studied the greats, with particular reference to Raney, Montgomery, Pass and Burrell. Nevertheless, he has combined aspects of their concepts with his own, resulting in a fresh reading of mainstream bebop guitar which without extending the barriers, adds a contemporary interpretation to an established genre.

Reviewed by Adrian Ingram