Transcript of Just Jazz Guitar's Review of Greg Clayton Live at Boomers - click here to view the original review from JJG.

From issue # 28, August 2001 - click here to view the cover.

Canada has produced many fine jazz musicians,but the list of Canadian jazz guitarists usually begins and ends on "B" with Ed Bickert. Well add a "C" to the line up and take a bow, Greg Clayton. This highly enjoyable recording of a live set at Montreal's Cafe Boomers features world class jazz guitar in the old school of Kessel, Pass and Farlow.

Usually, younger players playing straight-ahead jazz in a trio format find it difficult to make an impression, as standard as already been set by the aforementioned masters. Clayton however, grabs the listener from bar one with his tone, attack, phrasing and harmonic knowledge.

Equipped with a 60's super 400ces and over 25 years worth of chops, he performs some of my favorite tunes in the company of what must be the best rhythm section north of the lakes. It is hard to describe the highest qualities of such players,but if I were told that Ray Brown and Ed Thigpen were on the session, I would not have doubted it.

"There Is No Greater Love " swings incessantly and features crackling solos by all. The haunting "Ghost of a Chance" highlights Greg's skills as a chord melody specialist. "I Thought About You" combines all the skills necessary to be a major- league jazz guitarist, and Greg Clayton has them all in abundance.

For those of you who think" they can't do it like they used to" treat yourself to this recording. You will find out there are still those who can !

Reviewed by Andy MacKenzie